MB Silver Photos

MB Silver Photos

Aerial View of the MB property showing the drill trail to the Mann zone

Building the drill deck for testing the Mann zone. Geologist E. Kruchkowski in foreground.

Drill testing Mann vein with hole intersecting 7 metres of 281 gram/tonne silver. Note the Open Cut to the right and Daly adit to the left.

Horses crossing American Creek

Photo of camp at the lowest exploration adit

Photo of footwall portion of the High Grade zone with stringers of stromeyerite (copper-silver sulphide) -- acanthite (silver sulphide) which are associated with the green malachite coating. Assays of the sulphide stringers are 88,000 g/t silver with the

Randy Kasum , director and Frank Kamermans, president of Mountain Boy Minerals examining the Mann zone area with Bruce Graff, mining engineer

View looking north towards American Creek with the access road along the valley. The MB Silver property is in the center just left of the largest white patch along the valley slope

View of drill testing the upper edge of the property

View of high grade silver bearing rock from the High Grade zone. Black mineral is acanthite (silver sulphide) and the pink mineral is stromeyerite(copper-silver sulphide). Overall rock sample assays over 66,000 g/t silver.

View of the American Creek bridge on the MB Silver road

View of the High Grade vein with old drill pads. Open Cut is in the center of the photo with the Daly adit to the left of it. The whitish zone above the Daly and Open Cut is the High Grade zone. Mann zone is at the lower left of the photo.

View of the MB Silver property looking towards the west with the Mann adit in the wide zone of white rock in the lower right

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