Red Cliff

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Red Cliff Maps

Drilling Location Map

Drilling Location Map

Assay Cross Section

Based on the modeling of the Upper Montrose, the zone is open in all directions and strikes north-south. It has a true width of approximately 22 m and extends at least 200 m along dip. This work has shown that drilling in 2009 to the north was too far west to intersect the zone. The drilling to the south does not have a close enough spacing that would allow modeling at present. Drilling in 2012 will provide further information that will allow for modeling of data in this south area. Based on historical drilling from the 1987 period, the Upper Montrose zone extends at least 200 m south of the present modeling. Based on historical surface exploration, the Upper Montrose zone extends for at least another 300 and possibly 400 m to the north of the modeled data.

The Lower Montrose is a separate zone exposed in the Lydden Creek canyon. It is an east-west zone that is up to 10 m wide exposed over 25 m of height in the canyon. Recent drilling indicates that it extends al least 100 m below the canyon floor.

The Waterpump zone is up to 12 m wide and is exposed 100 m east of the Lower Montrose. It is separate from the Upper and Lower Montrose zones. It strikes in a north-south direction.

Property Map

Map showing the three different gold bearing zones in the area of the Upper Montrose zone. The Lower Montrose has never been drilled and there is only one drill hole into the Waterpump zone.

Map showing claims

Map showing Montrose Red Cliff Zones

Red Cliff Overview

Regional Geology Showing Mineral Deposits

Figure 6 - Map Showing Location of Mineralized Zone on Property

Figure 7 - Map showing Montrose & Red Cliff Zones

Figure 25 - Assay Section DDH 2011

Red Cliff Section Rev 3

Mountain Boy Minerals Property Locations

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