Red Cliff Photos

Red Cliff Photos

Visible Gold in Hole #3 (Mon-3-2012) of 2012 Drilling of the Lower Montrose Zone.

Aerial view along the north sided of Lydden Creek and the rusty Montrose zone

Aerial view showing the roads, Lydden Creek and the mine dump from the Red Cliff mine (bottom central)

Bridge across Lydden Creek connecting roads on the property

Drill testing 200 metres above the red Cliff mine workings at the edge of a cliff

Drill testing the northern limits of the Montrose zone

Helicopter taking personnel above the Montrose

Large 8 tonne mineralized boulder along Lydden Creek showing quartz and massive pyrite

Loading logs on the Red Cliff rail line

Photo of rail line just north of Stewart

Photo showing the Red Cliff rail line at tidewater

Photo showing the Red Cliff rail line at tidewater

Rail load that has fallen off rail car on way to Red Cliff

Red Cliff train station

Running locomotive on Red Cliff rail line

Storage shed at Red Cliff railway station

Train stopped at railway station

View looking north with the Red Cliff zone at the bottom center of the photo and the Montrose zone upper central. View shows extensive network of roads on the property.

View looking towards American Creek and the Red Cliff property from the Bear River Valley. The property is on the left side of the American Creek valley

View of Bear River and Highway 37A from the drill road at the Red Cliff property

View of camp at the Red Cliff mine

View of drill set up with associated equipment looking towards the Bear River Valley

View of drill testing above the Red Cliff zone

View of main adit at the Red Cliff mine

View of rail line in winter with ice on water in port

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