Manuel Creek

The company secured a 100% interest in 4 Mineral tenures (703 hectares) overlaying the Manuel Creek tuff hosting zeolites. The tuff beds which can be traced for 5km in road cuts range up to 10 meter in thickness. The property is located 7km northeast of the town of Keremeos and can be accessed from Highway 3A via the Twin Lakes and Grand Oro roads. A B.C. Hydro transmission line runs through the property. Several assessment reports have been filed on the property suggesting the effective zeolite to be a calcium-rich variety of clinoptilolite, very similar to Bromley Vale (Canadian Zeolite). In ARIS 26889 (B.N. Church, Ph.D., P. Eng.) estimated that the property could potentially host 3 million tonnes of zeolite within exposures along strike. This estimate is not 43-101 compliant and the company has not verified this estimate. It is used for reference purpose only. Additional work including diamond drilling is needed to prove the tonnage, thickness, lateral continuity and consistency of the zeolite mineralization.

Furthermore dacitic tuff from the Manuel Creek member was submitted to AMEC Earth & Environmental Laboratories in Calgary (ARIS 31640) in 2011. This was done in order to determine pozzolanic activity and compressive strength variation with time of curing for the samples. This testing yielded excellent results. The zeolitic pozzolan is essentially equivalent to pure Portland cement and can be used in amounts up to 30% cement replacement. It should be competitive at this mixture level with fly ash. The process has many advantages from environmental aspects (less emission of CO2 into the atmosphere), enhanced strength, lower temperatures during curing and cost savings.

With agriculture being one of the primary uses for zeolite; easy and close access to the 180,000 hectares of land being farmed in the Okanagan is a great advantage. The importance of zeolite for many applications from soil amendments and hydroponics, water filtration, enhancement to livestock feed to waste management is increasingly recognized.

Plans for 2017 include consultation with the LSIB and trenching once all permits are in place.

Manual Creek Claim Map