Surprise Creek

Opportunity: The property hosts a variety of deposit types, including a district-scale VMS system, epithermal gold veins and poly-metallic veins with silver, gold and base metals. Several small mines on and around the property were operated in the early 1900s and again during the 1970s. The property was recently examined in a comprehensive manner for the first time, providing considerable insights to tie together the various occurrences on the property, pointing to multiple large metal-bearing systems.

Location: 32 kilometres northeast of Stewart located in the “Golden Triangle” area within the Skeena Mining Division of British Columbia; Highway 37A passes just to the south of the property.

Size: ~10,000 hectares.

Ownership: 100% interest.

Overview: Considerable work was carried out on this property in the early 1900s, including numerous adits and trenches. The showings are located along a large copper bearing belt. Further work was carried out from the 1960s through the 1990s. Results include a 1.5 metre long trench, which assayed 27.4 grams per tonne gold, 68.6 grams per tonne silver and 2.3% copper.

The Goat mine, on that trend, but just off the property, was explored by several companies in the 1960s and 1970s including Newmont. In 1979, Cameco estimated “proven and probable reserves” of 8,800 tonnes grading 4,782 grams per tonne silver and 10.6 grams per tonne gold. Note that those figures are not in compliance with current standards and presented as an indicator of the potential in the region only.

Various portions of the property were explored by numerous companies. Mountain Boy assembled the present property over the past few years. It was not until the past summer that the various occurrences on and around the property were examined in the context of a comprehensive geological assessment.

Results of the work to date will be comprehensively reviewed as a basis for planning the next phase of work on the project, which may involve a joint venture partner.